Velcro is the brand name of a closure system for clothing and footwear, patented in 1955.

The inventor, a Swiss named George de Mestral invented this revolutionary system, inspired by the approach taken by burdock flowers (and several other plants) to spread their seeds. In fact, they are covered with tiny hooks which “cling” to the fur of the animals and to the fabric of the clothes of the people, during their passage in the rural areas.

The Velcro consists of two distinct parts called “loop” and “hook”. The “loop” is made by a spongy or hairy fabric, similar to velvet while the “hook” is a portion of semi-rigid fabric sprinkled with thin hooks. The two parts are sewn, welded or glued to the two components of the closure (the flaps of a jacket or the tabs of the sports shoes) and, when they get in contact, the hooks cling to the hairiness struck a very robust closure and resistant to traction.

The term “Velcro”, in fact, is an acronym for the French words VELours and CROchet (velvet and hook).


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