Graphic studio

An inner creative studio allows us to deal with each aspect, from idea to the brand design, to the creation of the customer communication

Quality control

(Italiano) Ci assicuriamo che il prodotto sia conforme ai requisiti espressi dal cliente effettuando il controllo della materia prima e al momento della consegna, facendo tutti i controlli, i test e le misurazioni necessarie per eliminare quei prodotti che non corrispondono ai requisiti espressi nelle specifiche.

The higher standards


At the heart of our success: experience, energy, precision

Rubber serigraphic labels, high frequency printing, microinjection, digital printing, laser engraving. Accessories for footwear, sport garments.

Serigraphic labels

Perfect for shoe tongues, insoles, bodkins for every kind of sport footwear. The huge availability of materials, and the perfect color correspondence, allow an incomparable result.


This special kind of manufacturing allow to create labels with numerous highly precise, detailed, three-dimensional effects.

High frequency

The kind of manufacturing allows to join each other different materials, resulting in labels with some pleasant relief effects. High frequency labels are extremely long lasting and wear-resistant.

Rubber labels

Your brand labels made of fine materials giving a great visual impact.


Special high frequency processing that allows to weld the several parts of the upper shoe, tearing away the excess portions.

Velcro hemming

The tear closure universally known as Velcro is a finish that allows the combination of various components of the shoe.

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Lo staff

Iris Giacca Grafico e responsabile R&D

Iris Giacca
Grafico R&D

Roberto Caverzan responsabile vendite Pratiko

Roberto Caverzan
Responsabile commerciale Pratiko

Fondatore e titolare dell'azienda

Giuseppe Caverzan

Federica Caverzan, Impiegata amministrativa

Federica Caverzan
Amministrazione Pratiko

Lidia Caeran Impiegata amministrativa

Lidia Caeran

Valerio Zamprogno responsabile stampa

Valerio Zamprogno
Responsabile stampa

Gino Zamprogno responsabile produzione

Gino Zamprogno
Responsabile produzione

Corrado Costi responsabile prestampa

Corrado Costi
Responsabile prestampa